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Route 66 - A Partial Guide!

Chicago to Los Angeles - 2,278 miles!

Although I have yet to complete the full trip, or even every portion of the Mother Road, I've been lucky to experience parts of it twice now. Once, heading west, from Chicago, Illinois to Holbrook, Arizona. The second time, heading east, from Flagstaff, Arizona to Tulsa, Oklahoma. The second time though, I only site saw the 90 miles to Holbrook.

That leaves me with about 480 miles to cover from Flagstaff to the Santa Monica Pier. With the almost 1,800 miles that I have covered, however, I have put together a partial guide. I've also created some Route 66 stickers of some of my favorite spots! Click the Etsy link below to check 'em out!

Enjoy and please reach out with any questions or suggestions! :D

To be continued....


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