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Itineraries & Budgets

Here, we will include some of our itineraries of more popular destinations. Included are all the notes from planning, budget, final expenses and the final itinerary that we planned to follow while on the trip. These are all components that we can provide if you hire us to advise your own travel.


Each itinerary is divided into 4 sections:

  1. Introduction on the planning of the trip

  2. Preliminary itinerary, plans and notes

  3. Final detailed itinerary

  4. Estimated budget and actual expenses


A few other notes:

  • To quickly identify places we stay multiple nights, I bold that location/lodging.

  • The preliminary notes are everything that we research that looks interesting. We then narrow it down to what we want to see/do the most, and what we have time for.

  • If we have to fly, we often use points/miles, keeping the flight costs low.

Please reach out with any questions/comments/ideas, or if you’d like us to help you plan your next adventure! :)

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