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We're Back! - New Orleans 2020

Hello again!

It feels like it has been forever since we shared a blog with you all and it has! I guess a cross-country move and starting a new job will do that to ya! For those of you that may still not know, we are now Colorado citizens! The mountains were calling and we had to go!

What a crazy year it has been since our last post! We're going on almost a year later, and an adventure from TWO years ago, but we are finally excited to share our New Orleans experience with you!

Now that we are all settled in and the holidays are over, we finally have our new routine. We are quite a few travels behind, so expect a handful of new posts to start to come in from the past couple of years. We are so excited to get back to it and can't wait for the next time we hit the road!

Until then!

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I have missed your posts so much. I have missed you so much. Love from Michigan...

Mar 03, 2022
Replying to

Us too! We’re excited to get back to it. Love you!

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