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Boise, Idaho (Our 20th State!)

Hello, all!

This last trip, we ventured to the land of potatoes to visit our 20th state together - Idaho!

We had been itching to get away and to escape at least once more before the summer season heats up and along with it, concerts (hopefully), meaning, FINALLY getting back to work! #FingersCrossed🤞🏼

I did the usual National Park search, but this time focused on all the 423 units, instead of just the 63 National Parks. I can up with an itinerary for five different places, mostly smaller cities and lesser known areas.

Boise —> Salt Lake City


Denver —> Rapid City, SD

Moab —> Albuquerque

Florida (there are 7 sites from Cape Canaveral up the east coast)

We were excited for each of these options, all needing about the same amount of time to enjoy. As we normally do, we went where the flights were cheapest and that meant that a Boise to Salt Lake City road trip was the winner!

I had recently been following a fellow blogger’s journey through Idaho and was amazed at the beauty. We found some NPS sites that looked awesome and were so excited to visit a new city, a new state and some gorgeous outdoor areas!

Between our SkyMiles points and Kayla’s SkyMiles AMX, we had plenty of baggage to pack all our gear (our flight was $22.40 roundtrip, total 🤑)! We decided on an Airbnb for our first night in Boise, so that we could refresh and pack up our packs for backpacking the following day.

We found an awesome Airbnb tiny home that was titled “Help us avoid student loans”. That sold us right away, because we know that feeling🙄. It was also eco-friendly and had amazing reviews.

Day 1:

Being a short Uber from downtown Boise, it allowed us to check-in and then enjoy an evening out on the town. We were starving after our flight and went with one of the recommendations from our Airbnb guide book - Bittercreek Alehouse (GREAT choice)!

We walked around a bit down Freak Alley and then checked out the iconic state capitol building. After all that walking, we were soooo thirsty, so we enjoyed a 10-taster flight at 10 Barrel Brewing🤪. We were also excited to “See the Blue” of the Boise State football field. We jumped on some scooters and found our way over to campus, only to find no visual access to the field. We scooted back downtown for a small dinner and then headed back to get rested up for a long day of hiking at Craters of the Moon the next day!

Boise was definitely a pleasant surprise. It was an awesome downtown area and the couple surrounding towns that we saw were really nice. A random city, but one that you should consider!

Our Day 2 adventures coming soon....

For more photos, visit us on Instagram and Facebook!😃



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