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Hello, We Are Colin & Kayla!

We are just a couple of kids from a small town in Michigan and are trying to see the world! As a kid, Kayla spent some time in Minnesota, but eventually moved back to Michigan in 1st grade, and had been here ever since. Colin was born and raised in Michigan, before spending 8 months in Arizona in 2018 (where he cheated and visited a couple parks on his own). A few years later, we are now living in Colorado, with new experiences around every corner.

We both graduated from Central Michigan University and love to show our pride everywhere we go! Fire Up Chips! Our 2019 New Years Resolution was to visit somewhere new each month. Whether a day trip to a small town in Michigan we had never been to, or a week-long National Park adventure, we were pushing to get out and see somewhere we had never seen before. 2019 has come and gone, but that sense of adventure remains strong!

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Box Office / Event Ticketing

I graduated from CMU with a Sport Management degree and began working with an NBA box office. When the season ended and I started working more concerts, I began to fall in love with the event side of things. I ended up moving across the country and spent some time working with Live Nation. Moving across the country and back, (and then again to Colorado), I now have an even bigger urge to travel. Thankfully, I have Kayla by my side who is just as eager to see new places and try new things!

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Dare To Everywhere

National Park Geeks

We have a goal to visit all 63 US National Parks and the 429 NPS Sites. We want to see all of America and as much as the world as we can! We hope you enjoy following along with us, as we #DareToEverywhere

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Project Manager

I graduated from CMU with a Biology of Natural Resources degree. I am a project manager in IT (clearly putting my degree to good use LOL). My role keeps me really busy, both with physical time and mental energy. Traveling to new places, exploring areas I have never been and experiencing adventure is my happy place. I love being outdoors, hiking, swimming, and seeing any and all animals. I am so blessed to have Colin, who plans the majority of our adventures and keeps us on schedule. Together we get to enjoy so many new places and try new’s our favorite hobby together.

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