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Nine Ladies Dancing (At a Wedding in Saint Joseph)

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

It was amazing to see how many common Michigan destinations we had failed to visit while living in the state for so many years. St. Joseph Michigan has beautiful beaches and a pier with two charming lighthouses. While only a short drive from Oak Park, we had never been to the popular summer tourist destination. 

We were so excited to be in a new city, while also celebrating a wedding of a close friend from high school. We ended up unknowingly eating at the same restaurant for lunch and had an amazing time catching up, and then later dancing at the reception.

The sunsets during our visit were breathtaking! September made for beautiful weather, though it did get chilly. Our weekend was full of sun and we enjoyed our stroll on the pier with iced coffee.

Both the lighthouse’s and journey to the lighthouse’s were unique. In order to get close to the first lighthouse, you must walk out on a pier with no railings. The water comes up and splashes your feet and there is nothing to hold onto while walking.

We then had to walk out further for the second lighthouse, which overlooks the open water. We saw plenty of sailboats and enjoyed the scenery.

The view from each lighthouse is definitely worth the (somewhat risky) walk out. As long as you are careful it is safe (though I of course managed to slip at the very end lol).

While our time was short in St. Joseph, we had a great experience with our friends and family. We enjoyed the views, dancing and great atmosphere provided by the beautiful, small town. We plan to go back during the summer months soon.

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