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Christmas, Michigan

The FINAL new adventure of the year of our 12-trip goal! What better way to end it, than in Christmas, in December!

It was so nice to get back up to the U.P. It had been a few years for both of us. It’s so beautiful and unique up there!

It was such a winter wonderland! We missed out on a couple things we had planned, due to seasonal roads and the amount of snow, but we still made the most of it.

We hiked to Grand Island Harbor Rear Range Lighthouse on our second day. It was interesting because the lighthouse is actually across the street from the lake.

We checked out the lighthouse and beautiful Lake Superior, before making our way to Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.

We had previously visited in the summer, but the snowy landscape made it an entire different experience!

Oh, and the U.P. sunsets!😍

We’re sad that we are done with our 12 new adventures, but we had an absolutely amazing year! AND, we have an exciting recap coming soon! 😉

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