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A Partridge in a Pear Tree (Growing in Toledo)

2019. This year has been an amazing journey. A year full of love, adventures, pictures, ideas, moments, family, friends, movements, happiness, growth and us. We are so excited to share our journeys and experience new places, cultures and beauty throughout the world. 2019 was our year to create a goal of one new place every month. 12 new places neither of us has ever been, visiting and experiencing them together.

On the first month of 2019, imagine your true love bringing you a Partridge in a Pear Tree… and it is Growing in Toledo. Now that you have this imagery going in your head, also picture this: We are sitting at a computer, getting ready for our exciting 12 trips in 2019!! TRIP 1: where should we go?! Paris, Rome, Iceland…. Toledo, Ohio.

Exciting right? Well after the holiday season and a long road trip from Arizona to Michigan, we knew our first few trips needed to be cheap and accessible. So, after some consideration we realized neither of us had been to Toledo to visit (drive throughs don’t count).

While mundane to some, we were really excited to begin our monthly adventures, no matter where the venture took us. We were happy getting to travel together to a place we had never been and see some of the hidden gems.

We were able to go during a beautiful weekend full of sun and snow. We stopped to take some photographs of the beautiful lights downtown, enjoyed some of the magnificent bridges and found a great bar with live music and great beer (for Colin).

The town was festive and a great place to visit during January. We also managed to find a Starbucks and I still ordered a cold drink despite the 30-degree weather. We had fun exploring on foot, taking pictures and enjoying each other’s company during the start of something exciting.

Our first trip was relatively quick and not a great distance away. However, it was a great reminder to us that you don’t always have to drive hundreds of miles or get on a plane to experience adventure. Just getting outside, going somewhere new and exploring is an adventure plus experience all on its own.  

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