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Biscayne NP

Biscayne Sign.jpg
Biscayne - Mandalay
Biscayne Boat.jpg

Colin's favorite part of the 3 Florida National Parks. A 7 mile cruise passed Elliot Key and then another 4 mile cruise to the shipwreck, just inside the park's eastern border. This experience is booked through the Biscayne National Park Institute concessionaire.

Boca Chita Lighthouse.jpg

You cruise out at about 30 mph as you pass by Boca Chita and the lighthouse. We would love to go back and do a coral reef excursion!

Mandalay Shipwreck.jpg

It is amazing that the ship is still so intact. It doesn't leave much to the imagination as you swim around what remains.

Colin Snorkel.JPG

The Mandalay excursion costs $69, plus $8 if you need to rent snorkel equipment. It was wroth every single penny!


Everglades NP

Everglades Sign.jpg
Everglades Mahog Ham

Our favorite part of Everglades. It gave us the most "Everglade" like feeling and was the last stop we made in the park.

The boardwalk is located off of Main Park Rd between the Flamingo & Ernest F. Coe Visitor Centers.

Everglades Boardwalk.jpg

There's a beautiful looping boardwalk with tall trees and lots of Everglade green.

Evergaldes Feeling.jpg

Gorgeous views of the swamp-like scenery that truly make you feel like you're in the Everglades.



Hollywood, CA

Hollywood-Sign Hike
Wonder View Dr.JPG



The Wonder View Trail Head is a great starting spot that you can be dropped off at, as there is no nearby parking. Have your driver take you up to the road closure on Wonder View Dr and then continue past it on foot. Follow the path up the hill and you will come to the trail head, just past a large, round building. You want the trail to your right!


This is the Wonder View Trail Head. I really like this trail because it gives you the option of visiting the Wisdom Tree as well.

Follow this somewhat-steep trail up the mountain until you come to a fork. Left takes you to the tree, right takes you directly towards the sign.


I highly suggest taking the extra few minutes to detour toward Wisdom Tree. It's a fun little spot, complete with an American flag atop the mountain.

On your way to the tree, you will see Warner Brothers Studios on your right!

Open Area.JPG

Continue back the way you came, and you will eventually make it to the Hollywood sign. A trek that is worth every step and every second.

I like to continue down Mount Lee Dr and break at the open area to snap a few more pics. From here, head into the neighborhood in the hills. I try not to call a ride to some person's house and will walk to Beachwood Market, to catch a ride back. It's a long walk, but I feel it's most polite to the residents in the area.

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