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Six Geese-a-Laying (Throughout Pittsburgh)

The Burgh had been on my list for awhile. The only thing holding me back was wanting to go during the summer so I could catch a baseball game. Those views from PNC Park looked too amazing! And they were!

This trip was full of a bunch of short and sweet stops. We visited Randyland, Southern Tier Brewing, Point State Park, Blue Slide Park, the Duquesne Incline and a handful of other small sights.

Our second day was the ball game. We didn't really make plans for the day up until the game. We ended up finding a few NPS sites to visit (shocking, I know). Fort Necessity National Battlefield and Friendship Hill NHS were short drives for a half-day trip. Fort Necessity included multiple units and was very interesting. We learned a ton and enjoyed finding all the smaller units within the site.

After getting our NPS on, we headed back to the city to meet some friends for dinner. Condado Tacos are one of my new favorite places and they just opened up in Royal Oak! :) Then, it was time to see the Tigers take on the Pirates!

The views from PNC Park were definitely worth the wait and the Tigs even pulled out the win! We had an amazing time and enjoyed catching up with an old friend!

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