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Fiveee Gol-den Ringsss (Visiting Cincinnati)

We decided on Cincinnati for our May trip because of the Burning Man exhibit that was taking place at the Cincinnati Art Museum. We figured this would be a fun exhibit and the more we looked into the area, the more I got excited.

There is a neighborhood of Cincinnati called "Over The Rhine", which really intrigued me. 'Rheingans' is in reference to the Rhine River in Germany. I had no idea there was an area so close to us that was connected to me! And then I found the Rhinegeist Brewery! :) Needless to say, I was pumped for this trip!

Of course, we found some NPS to hit on the way down as well! Our first stop was Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers NM in Wilberforce, OH. A relatively newer unit, we had to schedule a tour ahead of time to make sure a ranger would be stationed at the site.

Our next stop was the William Howard Taft NHS. We always learn so much at these smaller sites about presidents that we really knew nothing about. This was also the first site that we found the reusable NPS bags! :)

My highlight of the trip was the Rhinegesit Brewery tour! We tasted some beer and even took home a can fresh off the assembly line! The rooftop views were spectacular at sunset!

Our second day started off with some donuts and then a trip to the Carew Tower Observation Deck; home to the "Terrifying Elevator".

The Burning Man exhibit was up next. We thought the exhibit itself would be larger, but it was still a very unique and entertaining experience.

The last stop on the way home was one more NPS site, Dayton Aviation Heritage NHP. We just barely made the last tour and had a few minutes to walk around the museum. A smaller site that is encompassed by a much larger national heritage area.

Overall, we were very impressed with the city of Cincinnati. There was a lot more to do than we had ever imagined and we really enjoyed our short time on the north side of the Ohio River.

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