Southwest NPS Itinerary & Budget

The planning for this American southwest trip was a little different for us. We had originally planned to be in California during this time. We were going to fly into Vegas and drive over to Death Valley National Park. We were going to visit Sequoia, Kings Canyon, Yosemite and many more NPS sites, before flying home from San Fransisco. However, due to COVID and the wildfires out west, we were forced to change things up at the last minute.


We decided to keep our flight to Vegas and instead head south. We took a drive through Arizona and then ventured east, eventually flying out of El Paso, Texas.


It was an extremley busy trip, but we are so thankful for all of the places that we were able to experience!

Day 1

Fly to LAS

LAS to Cedar Pocket Pass - 1 hr 40 min

Day 2

Cedar Pocket Pass to Grand Canyon NP North Rim - 3 hrs

Day 3

Grand Canyon NP to Wupatki NM - 3 hrs

Day 4

PHX to Hohokam Pima / Casa Grande Ruins - 2 hrs 35 min

Wupatki to Sunset to Walnut to Tuzigoot to Monte to PHX - 3.25 hrs

Casa Grande to Saguaro West THEN East - 1 hr 45 min

Day 5

Saguaro East to Chiricahua to Fort Bowie to Las Cruces - 5.25 hrs

Day 6

Las Cruces to White Sands NP - 1 hr

Day 7

White Sands NP to Carlsbad Caverns NP - 3.5 hrs

Day 8

Carlsbad Caverns NP to Guadalupe Mtns NP - 45 min

Day 9

Guadalupe Peak

Day 10

Guadalupe Mtns NP to Chamizal NM - 2 hrs

Preliminary Plans

Day 11

Fly Home

Grand Canyon - North Rim

North Rim

Mule Rides

Free Ranger Programs?


Kaibab Plateau (4x4 - 17 miles)

STAMP at Lodge or General Store

Grand Canyon Lodge / Bright Angel Point (.9 mile)

N. Kaibab Trail to Coconino (.75) or Supai (1.7)

Scenic Drive

Point Imperial

Cape Royal Road (Sunset)

     Walhalla Glade

     Cliff Spring Trail (.5 mile)

     Cape Final (4miles)

Transept Trail (3 miles / 1.5 hrs)

Deer Creek Falls

Wupatki NM

Hikes (2.4 miles / 1 hr 45 min total)

Sunset Crater Volcano NM stamp

Sunset Crater NM


Lenox Crater

Walnut Canyon NM

Must leave by 4:30pm

Rim Trail (.7 mile / 30 min)

Island Trail (1 mile / 1 hour)

Tuzigoot NM

Main trail (1/3 mile)


Montezuma Castle NM

(1/3 mile hike)

Montezuma Well (1/3 mile hike) - 15 min drive

Hohokam Pima


Casa Grande Ruins

Tues - Sat / 9am-4pm

Saguaro West


Valley View Overlook (.8 miles / 30 min)

Scenic Bajada Loop Drive

Desert Discovery

Signal Hill

Kings Canyon Trail (7.1 miles)

Saguaro East


Spud Rock

Freeman Homstead Trail (1 mile)


Cactus Forest Drive (8 mile loop) SUNSET)

Chiricahua NM


Bonita Canyon Drive (8 miles)

Fort Bowie NHS


White Sands NP

Outdoor VC 9am-5pm

Dunes Drive (16 mile RT / 45 min)


     Playa Trail

     Dune Life Nature Trail

     Alkali Flat Trail (10 miles)

     Interdune Boardwalk Trail (600 yards)

Carlsbad Caverns

Self-Guided Trails

     Big Room - 1.25 miles / 1.5 hrs

     Natural Entrance - 1.25 miles / 1 hr

Surface Trails

Bat Flight Program - 6:45pm

Film 17 min

Guadalupe Mtns NP

Outdoor VC 8am-4:30pm


Guadalupe Peak Trail (8.5 miles / 6-8 hrs)

Day Hikes

Dog Canyon

     Indian Meadow Nature Trail (30 min)

McKittrick Canyon / Pratt Cabin

Frijole Ranch

Salt Basin Dunes

Williams Ranch (4x4 vehicle)

Pinery Trail

Smith Spring Trail

Chamizal NM

Intro Film

Virtual Exhibit


Final Itinerary


Grand Canyon NP

Wupatki NM

Sunset Crater Volcano NM

Walnut Canyon NM

Tuzigoot NM

Montezuma Castle NM

Hohokam Pima NM

Casa Grande Ruins NM

Saguaro NP

Chiricahua NM

Fort Bowie NHS

White Sands NP

Carlsbad Caverns NP

Guadalupe Mtns NP

Chamizal NM



















Budget & Expenses

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