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Our First Post!

Welcome to our blog. We hope you enjoy! :)

Our Story

Colin and I grew up together in the small town of Fenton, Michigan. To make

our story short: we met each other in fourth grade, became best friends in

High School, and started dating in college. We are probably the two most

opposite people you could imagine. While Colin enjoys the outdoors

immensely, he really hates animals. He doesn’t like dogs (I know he is a

weirdo), hates country music and is shy. Then there is me, who has a major

in wildlife, would save all the dogs if I could, listens to country music every

day and would talk to the person next to me in line if they even smile in my

direction. But together, we make a perfect pair; full of happiness, sarcasm,

and an absolute passion for traveling and new adventures together. Each

day I am grateful to be able to live life with my best friend. We love our

travels full of the outdoors, new experiences and breath taking views.

Our Goals

1. Create a place to capture all our favorite moments

2. Share with others what we love to do

3. Provide information on our lessons learned while traveling

4. Inspire others to travel and explore

Our Future

We want to Dare To Everywhere! Right now, we have a goal to visit all 61 US

National Parks. Beyond that, we want to explore other countries,

hidden gems and unknown territory. We want to continue to improve our

posts and information in order to really create a “How to Guide” for a variety

of vacation and travel spots.

Next Trip

Now is the perfect time to finally get this blog live. We leave tomorrow to take on the Mighty 5! We will try to post some updates, but our Instagram page will definitely be the most active. We are so excited to explore Arches, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon and Zion!

We hope you enjoy!

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