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Mighty 5 - Day 7

Wanting to experience a full day at Zion, we set our alarms for 6am to start our day of hiking. This allowed us to see a sunrise and the beautiful silhouette of the mountains as we drove into the park.

We wanted to complete Angels Landing first since it was the most difficult and longest hike. It was SO much fun. We took a few breaks on the way up and spent some time catching our breaths and the views as we made it to the top of Scouts Lookout.

While we didn’t go all the way to the top of Angels Landing, we went up a quick section of the chains and got a feel for what it would be like. We made friends with a few hikers who were waiting for friends and family to get back from the top.

After Angels Landing hike, we made our way along the shuttle route to see different lookouts and complete a few easier hikes. We walked along the Virgin River and we were able to catch a glimpse of some of the wildlife in the park.

We had lunch at Zion Lodge and were able to see beautiful waterfalls at Lower Emerald Pool.

We made our way back to the visitor center and picked up a few cool stickers and put our final stamp in the Passport, completing the Mighty 5!

We are now visiting Vegas for the night before heading back to Michigan tomorrow!

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