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Mighty 5 - Day 6

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

Today was a more relaxing, but exciting day! We made our way to the end of Highway 12 in order to head into Zion National Park. However, we stopped at Cedar Breaks National Monument on the way. Cedar Breaks had beautiful views and a lot of great information. The ranger talk spoke about the difference between Cedar Breaks and Bryce Canyon National Park. We also learned about a natural fire that has been burning since September 3rd, and we were able to see the smoke from one of the overlooks.

We made our way to Zion, but before going to the main visitor center, we decided to see the Kolob Canyons side of the park. We traveled the 5 mile scenic drive and saw some gorgeous red rocks and canyons.

After Kolob we drove to Zion Canyon. We watched our usual movie in the visitor center and did an easy and fast hike through the Zion Canyons. We grabbed some maps and did some research on weather and trail conditions before our big hiking day tomorrow. Since we have to take shuttles tomorrow, we want to be extra prepared for our day.

Tomorrow is our earliest and busiest day yet, and we are so excited! Our first hike will be to take on Angels Landing. We have a mixture of excitement and nerves as we go on one of the most known (but scary) hikes in the National Parks.

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