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Mighty 5 - Day 3 & 4

After sneaking a peak of Canyonlands for sunset on day 2, most of day 3 was dedicated to the rest of the park.

Canyonlands is the perfect drive through park - great for a half-day. It has plenty of overlooks and short hikes to get a feel for everything. We were able to take it all in, aside from the major, overnight hikes, before heading to our next area.

Mesa Arch was by far the crown jewel for us. Another amazing arch, showcasing an incredible view right through the middle of it.

We made our way through, overlook by overlook, and ended with the perfect spot that screams “Canyonlands”.

After exploring everything we could with our schedule, we headed to the sign to take our picture, where we met some friends.

The group that took this picture for us had been following us all the way out of the park. We exchanged pictures for each other and then we headed towards our next park, Capitol Reef. They followed us to the highway, where we passed each other several times, before being the only two cars to take our exit. Our two cars were the only two on the road, all the way to the next sign.

We exchanged photos once again, before pulling into the visitor center next to each other. We finally went our separate ways as we left the VC😂.

We ended the day with a sunset drive through the park, and then came home and instantly crashed!😴


We were able to sleep in some, since our Airbnb is just 10 minutes from the park entrance. What we originally thought would be a more relaxing park, turned into some pretty decent hikes. The hardest hike we’ve done to date, Cassidy Arch, was quite the test. As usual though, it was well worth it!

Encompassed within the park, is the “ruins“ of an ancient town, Fruita. One unique thing about it, is that the towns orchards are still harvested each year. You’re able to walk through any of the orchards and pick your own fruit!

We snacked on a couple apples between hikes!☺️🍏

We saw some petroglyphs, drove the scenic drive, and awed at the geologic history that is Capitol Reef.

We have one more night in our tiny cabin, before heading to Bryce Canyon in the A.M. Until then!✌🏼

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