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Mighty 5 - Day 1

Oh my gosh, we are exhausted. After a 21 hour day, we are finally back to our Airbnb and ready for bed. So, this is going to be short and sweet!

After picking up our rental car in Denver, we headed straight to Target to grab some essentials. We had a quick breakfast and then got on the road to our first stop, Colorado National Monument.

We drove the 23 mile road through the site; stopping at most of the overlooks along the way. By the time we made it to the visitors center, we were starving and decided to get on our way to Moab. We needed to eat, but wanted to check-in before dark.

As we crossed state lines, we were excited to see a pull off to snap a pic! We made it just in time to our Airbnb to meet the owner of the campground and be shown around. We decided on dinner and were back in the car. Moab Brewery was delish!👌🏼🍻

(Ignore my rookie pour)

At dinner, we talked about our plans for Arches tomorrow and we thought it would be fun to checkout some stargazing before we hit the sack! And, it was awesome! If only these pictures could capture half the beauty!

And now I should probably hit “post”, before my eyes slam shut!✌🏼

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