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Introduction to our Mighty 5 Trip!

Utah is full of beautiful rocks, abundant land, and mountainous ranges. When visiting the National Parks in Utah (sometimes referred to as the Mighty 5), it is definitely not necessary to visit all the parks at one time. However, visiting all the parks together was amazing, and honestly relatively easy, in comparison to other National Park visits. I would just like to note, that since we decided to visit all five parks in one trip, our travel knowledge is the distance from one park to the next. However, hopefully this guide helps with creating an itinerary for all the parks, whether visiting one park for a single day, or all the parks for a multiple day, week or even month-long trip.

We started our trip to Utah by flying into Denver Airport. This was a close airport to start our trip and drive to Moab for Arches and Canyonlands. On the way, we stopped at Colorado National Monument located in Fruita, Colorado. This was an amazing way to start our trip, as the land within the monument is absolutely beautiful. We pulled away at a few overlooks and made our way down the road through the park. We definitely recommend stopping here if you get an opportunity. The monument is only 1.5 hours from Moab, and the drive there is beautiful.

The Colorado National Monument overlooks some of the McInnis Canyons National Conversation Area (anyone else get confused with all the “National Names”) and is simply breathtaking.

We were both excited that we decided to start the trip here because it was a great introduction to our adventure. Being in the mountains, enjoying the view, and full of anticipation for as we were ready to head into the first of the National Parks.

All of our great info on Arches National Park is now live here!

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