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Eight Maids-a-Milking (Up in Canada Eh?)

When we received our Passports in the mail, we couldn’t wait to utilize the two booklets representing our ability to travel around the world. To start small, we decided to go to the bordering Canada for a long weekend.

We drove to Grand Bend to spend the evening with family (such a great little town and visit) and then spent the weekend exploring Point Pelee National Park. On the way we stopped at Rock Glen Falls. It was beautiful and scenic with a peaceful waterfall which appears to not belong in the surrounding agricultural area.

Point Pelee National Park was a great experience for our first Canadian National Park. We spent the day walking on boardwalks, visiting the marsh and enjoying Lake Erie.

We took a shuttle to the end of the “point” and walked along with the crowds to catch some photographs and watch your feet disappear into the surrounding water.

We also grabbed a history lesson at Fort Malden in Downtown Amherstburg. We watched a storm roll in while receiving a demonstration of a musketeer firing before heading back to Michigan.

Point Peele and Fort Malden had plenty of easy and accessible walkways, so we enjoyed a peaceful, beautiful day. We can’t wait to go back to Canada and explore the National Park system more deeply.

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