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Point Pelee

August 17, 2019

Written by: Kayla

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Road Trip

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It will always be a goal of ours to visit places all around the world. We want to see different cultures, food, music, and natural wonders around the globe. However, with so many beautiful places close to home, we have not ventured far with the need of a passport. However, in August of 2019, we had the opportunity to visit some family in Canada and decided to make a pit stop at Point Pelee National Park, or Parc National de La Pointe-Pelee.


First time using our passports!

Point Pelee is located in the most southern point of mainland Canada. In August, the weather was warm, sunny and a bit humid. We were able to experience lots of wildlife during our visit, and the park is known for having many ecosystems and habitats. In fact, there are five habitats within Point Pelee including a savannah, marsh, dry forest, beach and a swamp forest. All of these habits bring in different species, from migratory birds, all the way to zooplankton. We were able to listen and observe MANY birds, which for some is great fun, but for me, is full of panic, because I am scared to get pooped on haha.


The beautiful boardwalk trail

When we arrived, we made our way to the boardwalk to complete a 45-minute loop. The boardwalk has a tower you can walk up and see the large panoramic view of the marsh.  This tower is also a hangout for a lot of different birds, and you can hear them sing their songs for the world to hear. The boardwalk is a very easy trail to hike. We were lucky to see some frogs, dragonflies and beautiful flowers along the way. There is no shade, so be sure to wear sunscreen on sunny days! 


Walking through the marsh land

After the boardwalk, we went to DeLaurier Homestead and Trail, which maintains some of the park’s culture and heritage. This is a looped trail that you can complete to see the homestead and a barn, and then continue to the savanna by walking through swamp and forest.


The DeLaurier Homestead

After visiting the barn and homestead, we made our way to the Visitor Centre. From here you can take a shuttle to the tip tower, an outdoor exhibit to view the tip from a higher elevation. Unfortunately, when we were there, the tower was under construction. However, I loved the quick shuttle ride. We were able to feel the breeze and cool off a bit on a hot summer day. At the drop off location, you can walk to the beach and make your way along the shore, all the way to the  southernmost tip in mainland Canada. The water is beautiful and we had so much fun taking pictures and slowly watching the beach disappear. In some photos it looks like you are on a small sand bank in the middle of the water of Lake Erie.


The Visitor Centre


The tip of Canada!

This was the last stop of our visit to Point Pelee National Park. We had so much fun and enjoyed the day out in the sun listening to birds and waves. This was a great park to visit if you only have the day. There are plenty of locations to have a picnic or just sit and enjoy the water and wildlife. We cannot wait to visit more National Parks throughout not only Canada, but all over the world!


Point Pelee


Fire Up!

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