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November 26 - 28, 2021

Written By: Kayla

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Road Trip

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For our first Thanksgiving in Colorado, we had to decide if we wanted to go back to Michigan, or stay in Denver. We decided to spend Thanksgiving with the family I have in Fort Collins, Colorado and then went to Wyoming for a quick weekend trip, and to check another state off the list!

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Howdy from Cheyenne!

After our Thanksgiving celebration on November 25th, we spent two nights in Cheyenne, Wyoming. We stayed at an adorable Airbnb near downtown. The Airbnb was connected to the host house, but you have the entire garden suite to yourself, and it was very cute and cozy. It gave major historic and western vibes.


The perfect Airbnb for the ocassion!

Once we checked-in, it was time for some food. We grabbed lunch at The Albany and then did some brewery hopping. Danielmark’s was our first stop and ended up being our favorite. We had a nightcap at Black Tooth Brewing Company, before calling it a night.

*As of this posting, Danielmark's has changed hands and is now Blue Raven Brewery.

danielmarks lineup.jpeg

Danielmark's had some fun art for all their beers.

Saturday was the main event, as we explored the town and were excited for their annual Christmas parade. Another place in town that we recommend is Accomplice Beer Company, where we had a great lunch. Later in the day, we ended up back at Danielmark’s to warm up before the parade, after an afternoon of walking around the city. We really liked this place because they had a bunch of games, free popcorn and dogs were allowed inside.

train mural.jpeg

We love a mural!

depot plaza and boot.jpeg

Cheyenne Depot Plaza is a fun place to walk around.

colin and jojo.jpeg

Even JoJo loved Danielmark's!

Saturday was also a day for shopping downtown. Since it was the Saturday after Thanksgiving, it was shop-small Saturday and we spent the morning popping into the shops. There were some pop ups as well, having a variety of things from clothing, to hot sauces, to Wyoming souvenirs.

kayla jojo swing.jpeg

We loved the holiday vibes around town!

It was finally time for the parade, which had an “Old West Holiday” theme. We had a good time, but to JoJo’s disappointment, it was one of the longest parades we have ever witnessed. We watched from the street for a little while, and then ended up going into a bar where we could still observe in the warmth of the indoors. Not surprisingly, JoJo wasn’t a huge fan of the chaos and crowd, so we gave her a break in the car while we grabbed some drinks. Paramount Ballroom was an awesome place, with great cocktails. We’re really glad we happened to pop in here.

fam at parade.jpeg

At least JoJo was festive!


Great drinks, great vibes.


The Paramount is also a coffee shop!

Sunday, we woke up and came back to Denver to decorate for Christmas. It was the perfect mini getaway for us over a long weekend and we love being able to explore new states, near our new home.

tree 1.jpeg

Merry Christmas!

tree 2.jpeg

We love our new home state!

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