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Mighty 5 - Day 2


This park was absolutely incredible! This shot to the top few of both of our favorites, almost instantly. The highlight of the park, Delicate Arch, was one of the most rewarding, yet terrifying, things I’ve ever done. It’s was a beautiful hike up the side of a mountain, across a rugged landscape and then a tight corner around an edge.

All of this was great! There was a solid breeze the whole time, that kept us cool even with the sun beating down on us. It wasn’t until we were at the top, tiptoed around that corner and were prone to the elements that it became frightening.

Once we took that turn, the wind was blowing at 45mph gusts that made balancing extremely difficult. To one side was the edge of the mountain, to the other side was a rocky slope down to the rough terrain below. Delicate Arch was right out infront of us, but continuing any closer was not in my plans.

Eventually Kayla convinced me to keep moving forward and once we got to the other side, the wind was less and the view was breathtaking.

This was our longest hike and the rest were much more relaxing. We hiked to Skyline, Landscape, The Windows and Turret Arches. It’s just so crazy to me how geology creates these structures and that this is the only area where it occurs.

I love all of our parks, and highly recommend visiting them whenever you have the chance. Arches is beyond recommendation. It’s otherworldly and the night skies are to die for! It’s even fun for kids because they love seeing all the crazy rock shapes and formations! If it’s in your books, plan a trip out to Moab, UT and thank me later!

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